How to keep your heating costs down

So we are leaving the heat of summer and moving into the fall, soon winter in California will be arriving. Even in southern California, the need for a warm house doesn’t have to break the bank.  Snow doesn’t fall in San Diego but one still wants to make sure the home remains comfortable when we do get the occasional cold snap.  Even in warm weather cities like Carlsbad and Oceanside, there are things to do to keep the heating costs down

Here is a list of things we can do to make sure the costs of Heating your home stays in line with your budget to save money so you can afford those bills in the summer to keep your house cool and comfortable

  • Open curtains and blinds during the day to let the sun in
  • Close curtains and blinds at night to keep out the cold
  • Pile extra blankets on your bed
  • Switch to flannel sheets and a down comforter
  • Snuggle up in a blanket whenever you’re sitting down
  • Do something active (clean the house, exercise, etc.)
  • Wear a hat to prevent heat loss
  • Use a humidifier. Humid air feels warmer
  • Don’t run the bathroom fan after you shower; the humidity will make the house feel warmer
  • Shut bathroom fans off as quickly as possible to prevent heat loss
  • Keep your fireplace flue closed when you don’t have a fire to prevent unnecessary heat loss
  • Make sure heat vents, registers and radiators are free of obstructions. If they’re covered with furniture, the warm air won’t reach you – even though you’ve paid for it

So enjoy your mild winters in San Diego, Carlsbad and Oceanside and use these tips to keep you and your family comfortable when a chill hits the air.

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