Digital theromostats vs Mercury

Thermostats are a widely overlooked path to energy savings for homes and businesses. If you still have an older style mercury thermostat located in your home or business it is time to change to digital. Digital stats are much more efficient by the nature of their design. Instead of using mechanical components that wear over time digital thermostats incorporate electrical circuits and components which remove mechanical failure. Digital thermostats are accurate within a plus or minus one degree range whereas mercury thermostats can be extremely inaccurate. Mercury thermostats use a bi-metal coil which expands and contracts as temperature changes. This is the function that causes a mercury thermostat to cut on and cut off your HVAC system. A digital stat uses a thermistor which changes in resistance as temperature changes. Thermistors react almost instantly to the temperature change resulting in much more efficient operation of your equipment. On the other hand the bi-metal component on mercury stats reacts slowly to temperature change.
Do your business or home a favor and replace any mercury thermostats you may have and you will see a difference in your utility bill. I do not suggest this under the guise of being “GREEN” or economically friendly, but simply doing what makes sense and just happens to help you save a little money. Some businesses can have multiple units which will mean multiple thermostats. If all the thermostats are mercury this is an opportunity to save big. Let’s say you have a total of six HVAC systems which means six thermostats. If you were to change all six mercury thermostats to digital you are looking at some serious savings. Depending on whether you use them to do setback or not you will see significant savings.
If this all seems a little too overwhelming do not be discouraged from saving money with a new digital thermostat installation. Simply have a no frills digital thermostat installed and you will be off to the “races”. In addition, no matter how easy an individual believes it to be have a professional HVAC company sell and install the thermostat for you. By doing this you will get the right thermostat for your system type and the correct installation. The company should also walk you through the operation of your new thermostat and address any concerns you may have.

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